Organic Wast Bin Powder

Please note: Organic Wast Bin Powder

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  Period of application: year-round

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Organic Waste Bin Powder

with natural ingredients

Organic Wast Bin Powder
inhibits the formation of unpleasant odour and prevents mould formation inside the waste bin.

  • absorbs fluids
  • prevents unpleasant odour
  • biodegradable

Mode of action:
Organic waste bins are the ideal breeding ground for unpleasant smells. Organic waste Bin powder extracts all excess moisture from the organic waste in a natural way. Thereby preventing anaerobic rotting, which is responsible for the foul smell.
Organic Waste Bin Powder is produced with natural aroma.

For application in organic waste bins and kitchen waste containers: evenly scatter the powder after every addition of waste over the garbage.
Sufficient for approximately 600 l of biodegradable waste.

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