Cherry Fruit Fly – Trap

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  Period of application: year-round

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Cherry Fruit Fly – Trap

Monitoring-Refill Pack

Trap for monitoring infestation
The cherry fruit flies lay 50-100 eggs on separate half ripe cherries. The development of the maggots takes approximately one week. The Cherry Fruit Fly – Traps were effectively designed to lure the cherry fruit flies in and capture them before they lay their eggs.

Open the lid of the trap and fill in the content of the bottle. Subsequently, fill the trap with water up to the lower end of the label. Depending on the size of the cherry tree (1 trap for each meter of tree height) hang or place the trap into the tree. It is beneficial, if neighboring cherry trees are also being treated with Cherry Fruit Fly – Traps.

Period of application:
April – June, when cherries develop a yellow coloring.

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