Yellow Boards

Please note: Glue trap

 Always read the label and product information before use.

  Period of application: year-round

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Yellow Boards

double-sided adhesive

Double-sided adhesive plastic sheets
for pest control against whiteflies, fungus gnats, fruit and vinegar flies and aphids on plants on balconies or in rooms, winter-gardens and greenhouses. The pests are attracted by the yellow coloring of the sheets and securely glued to the surface by the adhesive.

  • odorless
  • drip-free
  • long-lasting adhesion
  • year-round applicable

For pest management hang the yellow board on or near to plant. A change of sheets is only necessary once the adhesive is heavily covered with insects. The yellow boards are additionally suitable for pest prognosis!

!This product information does not replace the instructions for use!

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6 sheets

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