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Environmentally friendly –
Silence products!

Pest control

Flies | Moths | Wasps & other vermin

Animals or insects that cause damage to animals, plants or stored goods.

Insect traps

Fruit flies | Wasps & other vermin

The insects get attracted by the natural odor of the liquid and finally enter the trap. It is a traditional insect control method.



Dog | Cat & others

Repellent – also commonly called as repulsive substance – is referred an active substance, that is directed to the smell of organisms to keep them away without killing them.

Disinfection & Hygiene

Bacteria | Funghi | Viruses
Is the targeted reduction of certain unwanted microorganisms by physical or chemical inactivation.



Mice | Rats
Animals that inhibit the growth of crops or bring them to death, by eating or sucking on them, or infecting them with diseases and thereby cause economic damage.


Fruit trees |Shrubs
Arboriculture includes measures on trees and the tree environment to avoid bad development and to maintain the vitality of a tree.

Our promise.

Organic pest control becomes nowadays more and more important, and organic pesticides will replace many chemical-synthetic pesticides in the future. Our company Schopf-Ecoline is an ecologically responsible company that specializes its production on environmentally-friendly insecticides, insect glue catchers, disinfectants, repellents and natural plant protection products.

Our environment

„A surrounding area of a system or of a life unit, which is in mutual relation.”

Our responsibility

„The obligation to ensure that (in certain situations) the necessary and right things are
done and no damage occurs.”

„We are endeavored, to use exclusively active substances of natural origin that have low impact on our environment.”

Silence, Schopf-Ecoline

The product brand Silence is a good choice to do something good for our environment.

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