Insect-Free Spray

  Please note:  When using biocides, safety first – carefully read label and product information before use.

 Always read the label and product information before use.

  Period of application: year-round

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Insect-Free Spray

Works save and effective

Insect-Free is an excellent universal insecticide.
Insect-Free takes immediate effect and is therefore ideal for the active control of flying and crawling insects.

Application for flying vermin:
Spray Insect-Free onto those areas, where insects land on. The fumigation of the spray achieves certain effect with remaining flying insects inside the room. Doors and windows should stay shut during the procedure. The impact will show approximately after 20 min.
Duration of spraying: 5 sec. for a 10m2 room.

Application for crawling vermin:
Including cockroaches, ants, silverfish, bugs, beetles, fleas etc.
Important note: Spray extensively into hideouts, cracks and running surface.

Waste disposal:
Do not dispose of empty can or its residues in general trash. Do not pour rests down the drain or toilet. Do not reuse empty packaging. Empty cans and remains need to be taken to collection sites for hazardous waste.

!This product information does not replace the instructions for use!

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