Caterpillar Glue Green RLR

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 Always read the label and product information before use.

  Period of application: year-round

Caterpillar Glue Green RLR

for caterpillar glue bands

Caterpillar Glue Green RLR can directly be applied to the bark of the tree trunk (Heat the glue in a water bath to 20° C – 30° C. This way it is easy to spread.) Harmless for trunk or bark. Applicable all-year round. As it is a crawling glue, it spares beneficial insects. Quick and easy usage. Environmentally safe – biodegradable. Not water-soluble – rainproof.

Application and dosage method 1:
Apply Caterpillar Glue Green RLR (with spatula or brush) in a thick 8-10 cm broad layer and at a height of 30-40 cm off the ground directly onto the tree trunk. This way birds will not come in contact with the glue on the soil.
Amount (g per m2): on bands 280; on smooth bark 280-350, on rough and very rough bark 350-450.

A traditional remedy:
For the preparation of glue bands. Acts against winter moths, bark beetles, aphids, nut weevils, ants (which spread aphid colonies) and many more.

Application and dosage method 2:
use a caterpillar glue band. Measure the appropriate length and spread a 7 cm broad and 2 cm thick layer (a thicker layer might drip) of glue onto the band. The glue band has to be fixed tightly to the trunk. Before attaching the glue band, the bark has to be smooth. Cracks may be filled using clay or grafting wax. This way no insect is able to pass by underneath the glue band. Also side shoots and stakes have to be treated with a band. Caterpillar Glue – Green stays adhesive during frost temperatures. Drip proof up to 40° C. Occasionally check glue bands and remove stuck leaves etc.. Exchange damaged glue bands. Keep out of reach of children.

Period of application:
apply glue to fight off winter moths in the period from end of September to to the beginning of October. If required, repeat treatment in February/March (also acts against aphids, woolly apple aphids, pale brindled beauties and nut weevils).

  • 100% compostable
  • 100% biodegradable
  • glue from natural substances – not synthetically made!

take completely emptied buckets to recyclable material collection. Substance remains may be composted.

Avoid temperatures > 30° C and direct sunlight.

!This product information does not replace the instructions for use!

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